Sunday, 21 March 2010

A Stains Day

Whenever Dave mentions the words “this wood needs staining” or “this wood needs oiling” I know it’s down to me. It’s a job I hate but has to be done, and is therefore my duty bound contribution to proceedings. After all it’s only fair to help out when he’s always surrounded by power tools, even if I would prefer to knit woolly socks. (I can’t knit even though I am one).
Today started off badly when I had a shower and (horrors) Dave spotted a pool of water on the floor afterwards. It was leaking underneath, dammit. The new shower that he’d spent days, nay weeks fitting out, plumbing in, finishing off with hard graft, sweat and swearing was rendered unusable.
No that’s not a baby tiger in there, it’s a stripy cloth trying to impersonate one…
So not to be deterred Dave started taking bits and pieces apart underneath and found the culprit – but it wasn’t easy to get at, well it wouldn’t be would it? He thinks he’s fixed it now but neither of us hold out much hope that there isn’t another leak lurking about under there.
Either way it’s going to get a dam good testing tonight, and if it doesn’t pass it’ll get a dam good dismantling – which will probably set us back another three weeks. But hey, that’s the way this boat likes to gloat.
Moving on, Dave continued with his boxing in project, which now looks like this, nearly finished apart from the trim…

I have to say the wood’s come up lovely, nice bit of staining and oiling that, must’ve been a professional who did it. And these too:
The one on the right is for comparison purposes only, it’s how they all started off... Call them bathroom trimmings
Look at the grain on that…
PS: We got a shiny new brass water cap filler yesterday to replace the home made “bung” we’ve been using for the past week. Shame we forgot all about a new diesel tank cap that has to be handled with care,, because the chain’s dropped off…

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