Thursday, 25 March 2010

Coincidence by design?

This is what was originally designed as a table for an American style diner on Diane and Steve’s new boat. They didn’t like the “diner” so gave the table top to us,, which is now a set of doors in our bathroom. (It’s what you call recycling, happens all the time).
I swear there’s half of their boat on here and half of TT on there, mainly in the wood department. But it was a craftsman who created this in 2008. The design was inspired by the star painted on the side of TT, it was re-created to get it in proportion and we inherited it.
Inlaid with a mix of coloured wood it has a stunning effect…
And to get it in perspective, here it is in the (new) bathroom…
Dave also elongated the star and painted it onto each of the hatch doors (inside) last summer using the same cream colour on the bathroom walls. I haven’t got a decent photo of the hatch doors, but it does look great, so you see this has become known as the “TT Star.”
Right that’s enough of the history lesson, you know the mirror we ordered on Monday, and stupidly paid up front for? Well it was supposed to be “in” on Tuesday or Wednesday. So Dave rang up this morning, (because it’s now Thursday), needless to say it still QUOTE:
“Hasn’t come in.” 
Figures... The bathroom is completely finished now except for that…

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