Thursday, 4 March 2010

Hotel versus Boat Hell

Well the bow thruster is in folks, not working yet though, and when I took this photo yesterday there was no sign of a STOP light to the human eye. Dave reckons the tube is red inside and it’s just a reflection, but I reckon Greg’s put a traffic light system in there as well…

Oh I’m missing my boat and life afloat, I’ve heard of sea-sickness, but is this what you call LAND-sickness?
As you’ve probably realised with all the photos on the blog, we’ve been to visit each day so far. Poor TT is in such a MESS inside, and outside isn’t much better!
There’s a lovely swimming pool at the hotel we’re staying in but these two “water babes” haven’t had time for a float swim in there yet. Well it’s water I suppose, but it’s not quite the same is it?
So we’ve taken the day off from “observation duty” and been to visit relatives instead. I mean if this were a real holiday, and the boat was OK, we’d be having a great time for sure.
Meanwhile, contrary to sun, sea, and sand we’re staying just outside Wigan, so it’s not exactly like a holiday on Paradise Island. And besides that, the stupid bed we’ve got in the room has given me a bad back.
On the bright side we know the boat is in very good hands – it might look like a bomb’s dropped inside it, but that can’t be helped with such big jobs – so shut up Heth.
Oh hang on, there’s just room for one more little meaningful moan:
I’m a boater, get me out of ‘ere…!

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