Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Parbold Hill

 This is the “top hat” of Parbold hill taken from our jetty last April…

And these are some photos we took last week, we went for a walk with Liam and Maddy up there and admired the view. This side looks out away from the marina, towards the Leeds Liverpool canal. It’s down there somewhere but hidden by the greenery.
Just across the road from this viewpoint is a pub called “The Miller and Carter Steakhouse” with tables outside, imagine sitting out there in summer… Probably always be breezy though!
The next three photos are where I zoomed in on a lovely place called Appley Bridge. The canal runs right through it, and we moored up there for a couple of days last year…
I took this with the wide angle lens so you can see where the M6 crosses over the Leeds Liverpool canal. Believe me, we’ve been under that bridge on the way to Lymm and it’s flipping NOISY. It’s also where a boat nearly rammed us when its engine failed…
The following views were taken from Appley Bridge itself last May where we moored up on a spur off the main canal. You still can’t see the canal from where I took this (even with a boat on it), looks like it’s driving through a field. Fortunately you can’t hear the motorway there because it’s much further away than it looks on that photo above…
Ah, there it is, as you can see the canal is in a valley, this is looking away from Parbold hill, in the other direction…
And it’s where I want to be right now, dream on girl, No doubt we’ll get out there sometime this year…

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