Tuesday, 9 March 2010

She´s afloat again!

But full of crap (inside and out). Yesterday was the big day but we didn’t get here to the marina in time for the big re-launch ceremony, basically because it would’ve meant getting up very early, too early!
Oh and we thought it might be a bad omen for us to stand there and watch because she would’ve sunk deliberately. Sorry Tom (the man who can), I can hear you saying “Oh ye of little faith.” Your good workmanship isn’t in question, but you know this boat and all its foibles well enough now.
So here she is with Dave at the helm doing the perfect 360 degree turn on a sixpence and all is fine… (Says me gobsmacked).
Checkout that bow thruster slicing through the pond – yep, all was sunny and calm, (unusual for us). But it had to pass the test didn’t it…?
I was so in awe of the quick reaction of the bow I forgot the camera was in my hand for a while…
I think Dave could’ve happily kept going in circles all day, but we had to start on the “Big Clean Up Op.” Dave and Liam got started on the outside, what a great job they did, she gleams now. Meanwhile I used up every duster I’ve got on the inside, I tried my best.
So that was yesterday, today’s been all about the “Big Clean Up Op” PART 2, it’s just so boring to talk about. I feel a bit like Hilda Ogden without the headscarf, but with the Marigold’s.
Well it’s pub quiz with a difference tonight, Liam and Maddy are coming with us, so we’ll be a party of 6 “No Hopers” on the team instead of 4.
Last week one of the questions was “What would a soldier keep in his FROG?” (No really it’s true), and of course we got it wrong. When we asked Liam about it yesterday, he knew what it was, but they call it by a different name.
So the question is – do YOU know what it is? Answers on a postcard to the “No Hopers School of Excellence,” donations for tuition also gratefully received…

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