Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Since we put the new mirror up, I can´t find Dave

You must already be aware that my husband has spent a lot of his time in and out of a cupboard for the past few weeks, well now he’s gone AWOL under the bow somewhere.
I know this is a big boat but good grief I hardly ever see him these days. He made a little house for the bow thruster batteries a couple of days ago, (Ah). Done and installed.
But for the time being he’s moved on to making two tiny tables, one for the water pump and another for the accumulator. I’ve just realised this might sound like he’s building a dolls house in there, which could still be possible seeing as I haven’t carried out any inspection surveys yet.
Thing is, since the bow thruster was fitted the water pump has been left hanging under the bow somewhere. So these “tables” are going to sit above the bow thruster tube. Which means the water pump and accumulator can have afternoon tea together whenever they like,
Meanwhile whenever I have caught a rare glimpse of that guy today, (if I remember correctly his name’s Dave) all he’s gone on about is this strap thing that’s missing from the accumulator. He appears to be sourcing various items from various (other) cupboards in an effort to cobble whatever the hell it is together as a temporary thing. This is a man on a mission.
Moving on to other things, these are the last two photos of the bathroom I’ll ever post bore you with, (promise) unless anything goes wrong which is highly likely.
There it is, we finally have a mirror in the bathroom like most normal people do…
See it opens up too, a nice space saving idea that gives a bit of extra storage for our mainly my stuff…

Just thought I’d throw the idea in there for next time you buy a mirror, make it a cabinet mirror to stuff-stuff. Then again,, that might just be common sense which is something I know nothing about. Then again,, I might just be showing off another couple of photos of this gorgeous new boat bathroom.
And last on today’s agenda is this, remember the photo of the exposed section of bow thruster cable from the other day? I don’t know which day exactly because they’re all merging into one at the moment. Well here’s the end result:
Nicely curved, nicely tapered, just like me, (HA).
OK I think that just about covers it…
I’ve just been told by my other half that he realises I’m still alive, therefore he’ll take a break and we´ll go out this weekend, some friends have just rung up so we’re meeting them in the pub for a drink tomorrow night, what day’s that then?
At last a bit of fun and laughter, I’m exhausted with all the work he’s been doing…

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