Friday, 12 March 2010

You too can have a bedroom like this

It’s simple:
  • Just send half your furniture to the tip.
  • Drag your boat out of the water.
  • Ask a professional to cut a hole in both sides of the bow.
  • Discover a water leak that’s been dripping down in the depths for months and caused lots of damage.
Just make sure to keep your curtains closed so no-one else can copy your design ideas or even get jealous…
The leak is sorted now, and it’s all dried out but remedial work is required – no lying down on this job, excuse puny pun…
Meanwhile Dave’s living out of his boxers boxes…
I got lucky because my wardrobe here escaped the water damage, but any spare nooks or cranny’s are already occupied. The dam thing’s bulging at the sides already, so there’s no room at the inn for any of Dave’s stuff. Good that…
This is a mock Tudor wardrobe we’ve cobbled together as a temporarily permanent arrangement. It’s got a stay of execution at the moment, simply because we haven’t got a job time table, or even a bedside table yet…

We crept round for a pumpout this morning (more bow thruster training – well c’mon it was a bit breezy). All was quiet and no-one was around to shout various comments the likes of “Dave you need a bow thruster on that boat.”  (Even now it’s got one).
Then some of my family turned up so we bow thrustered them back to the mooring with us, then all walked in circles up to the cafe for a nice meal…

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