Thursday, 15 April 2010

A swift kick up the ass

Well you know what it’s like when you’ve been out on a jolly, any outstanding boat work comes to a standstill, then you’ve got to pick up the threads when you get back. I mentioned this the other day but we still haven’t done anything about it.

Then we got a phone call this aft saying the bedroom furniture will be delivered on the 21st April. This is a week earlier than the original date we were given and the bedroom (the empty room) doesn’t look any different to the mess it was in before. Which presents a humungous task, having it ready and waiting to be adorned with new furniture next week. Said furniture being:
  • A new bed
  • A 3 door wardrobe
  • 4 sets of drawers, two big ones, and two bedside ones. 
BUT before that we’ve got to get shut of the other stuff, install a new carpet and finish off the woodwork. Thing is you can’t say “NO NOT YET” to a delivery date because either:
  • Someone else would end up with it
  • All details on the “system” and all records of advance payment would be gone forever
  • The new delivery date would be in 6 months time
  • Any remaining details left on the “system” would state that it had already been delivered, end of…
So unfortunately we have to “go with the flow” and get our asses into gear, but not today eh? No, not Tesco Trauma day, so we’ll make a start tomorrow. Although I’m not sure this feat of endurance is humanly possible – aboard a boat that doesn’t like being messed with, and plots against refurbishment with glee.
Incentive – that’s the word…

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