Sunday, 18 April 2010

Another fine mess awaiting us

Things went to plan for a second time yesterday, all the boxes on the “work agenda” schedule got ticked. So while we were on the crest of a wave (excuse puny pun) we put in a 12 hour day. But did this newly discovered success rate make us somewhat complacent? In a word YES.
With no nasty surprises or setbacks for the past couple of days, which, in all our boat makeover history is unheard of, we were taken unawares good style today.
First of all this is where we were at last night when we downed tools, everything was going smoothly. The front wall is undercoated and believe it or not the beginnings of a design idea is in the making…
So yesterday, while I had a paint roller stuck to my hand with undercoat, Dave was fitting the new panel to the wall (at last), it looks great. The wood grain and the wood stain match up really well with the rest. Here’s a few tips for in case you ever have to replace a wall panel…
  • Oil the BACK of the new panel before anything else, this seals it and makes it less prone to damage from a leak such as the one we had.
  • Fill any gaps between the boat’s foam insulation and the panel with sealed sheep’s wool, it’s breathable and efficient.
  • Rub the panel down lightly before using wood stain, (it may need up to 3 coats). Test the colour first on a spare piece of wood. If you can’t find a match in a DIY store – mix two together.
  • For good measure give it two coats of oil afterwards.
  • Finally, fix it to the wall where it belongs…!
And that’s why it’s taken so long to sort, in hindsight we wasted a lot of time trying to save the old panel whatever way we could. We learned the hard way. If in doubt – replace it. I would’ve posted a before and after photo but the stairs are in the way, they keep following us round the room at the moment...
Back to reality today, I emptied my wardrobe which so far has managed to stay untouched, that’s till it was taken to bits this afternoon. So yes, this particular extra mess was anticipated.
Couldn’t be avoided, but couldn’t stay in the bedroom either…
As was this, a chest of drawers dismantled, but the drawers are still full of stuff because there’s nowhere else to put it all. So as you can see, we’ve stacked them up neatly on the bed which means we’ve now got nowhere to sleep…
BUT this was the nasty surprise my own wardrobe was hiding! It escaped immediate destruction a couple of weeks ago, because we thought there was no water damage over the other side of the room… OOPS!
Well it’s not half as bad as the other side WAS, it’s just not had chance to dry round the edges properly with furniture on top of it. So we’ve got the fan heater out again. This time it looks like we might get away with rubbing the wood down and re-oiling, (fingers crossed).
We’re going to get a new carpet tomorrow, but this lot will still need 48 hours drying time before fitting it just to make sure. We’re also going to put a waterproof membrane, then underlay down underneath it, honestly we don’t half know how to make life interesting…

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