Thursday, 22 April 2010

Another late night having fun?

It’s hard to believe, but yesterday Dave managed to put a 3 door wardrobe and the new bed together. He’s finished most of the bits of wood trim (walls and round the doors) this morning, and is now working on the first of 4 sets of drawers:
I can’t WAIT to get all our clothes, bits ‘n pieces installed where they should be. But sat here looking at the boxes of stuff surrounding me I’m still not sure about whether we’ll fit it all even though there’s more storage than before! Where did all this sh*t come from anyway?
Ah well the boat still looks and sounds like a workshop, with machine tools blaring and bags of crap everywhere. We’ve decided to get out this weekend – even though it all has to come with us. We´re going to turn right out of the marina this time and up through the locks. There’s a nice little spot about half way towards the Leeds Liverpool canal where you can turn round.
Officially it isn’t a winding hole and doesn’t exist, but it looks and works like one which saves us doing all 7 locks, turning round and coming back again!
BUT because of where it is, and where we want to moor up, it involves having to back up into a lock, which is something we’ve never attempted before. So there’s a challenge for Dave. As for me, well I’ve never taken TT through a lock frontwards yet, so no way.
Steve and Diane are going up there in their boat today so we’ll follow tomorrow. Along with what is supposed to be a promising weather forecast.
my own personal and very silly forecast predicts BBQ’s a plenty and a few days partying…

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