Monday, 19 April 2010

Back on the good side of bad?

As luck wood would have it, turns out yesterday’s discovery was just residual damage (from the water leak). It’s now dry as a bone with a bit of help from the magic fan heater. Hence it turned out not to be as bad as we thought or as it looked. (Which is utterly amazing).
So Dave’s trying to get this newly discovered problem wall panel off, but it doesn’t want to co-operate AT ALL. He’s been patiently trying to remove it for about an hour now. The other one was a lot easier because it was being scrapped, and it fell out in bits, and it didn’t matter.
Anyway, right now I’m plonked at the other end of the boat but daren’t look, because it sounds a lot like there’s more to it than meets the ear. He’s not being as careful as he was, and patience is running out.
None of this has been relayed to me (in English), so I find it amazing that without any words, and without being able to see what’s happening, my ears can translate every painful groan into real words with real meanings.
Oh dear, there’s just been an announcement (in English). Those magically uplifting words “I’m going to have to replace this panel too,” looks like I was right with the sound translation thing then. It was the noise of splitting wood that gave it away really, so I must’ve been in denial till the words were actually said, (in English).
Well I guess there’s one saving grace, the panels between the two replacement panels (behind the bed) were given the full treatment and packed with sheep’s wool months ago. They weren´t in such a bad state at all, just precautionary. So when this new section is finished the whole problem wall should be sorted.
We had to leave both problem sides till we refitted the bedroom anyway. Some of this work is not absolutely necessary, such as oiling behind the panels and adding more insulation, they´re just good ideas. But after what’s happened to us with the slow leak, it’s all about peace of mind – no we’re not bracing ourselves for another one! We know full well any amount of protection / prevention measures wouldn’t work against that. Even if we are being over-cautious, it’s worth it…
So, does anyone want a second hand wardrobe and a chest of drawers without any drawers…?
Ha Ha…

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