Thursday, 29 April 2010

Boating in a gale force wind

So yesterday we set off back – I mean literally, as in going backwards.
This is where it gets complicated (so bear with), Steve and Diane did the turn and backed up through the lock on the way there. That’s why we were moored up back to back, because we sailed merrily past the turning point without realising, oops.
Either way, there or back, we’ve got to do it because the only other option is to go through 4 more locks onto the Leeds Liverpool canal and turn there, nice shortcut of sorts.
Dave sets off driving TT backwards…
Headed towards the lock…
This is what you call staying calm and keeping your nerve in a storm. It doesn’t look too bad in the photos but gusts were up to 60mph…
Never touched the sides…
The bridge behind the lock is where I took most of these photos from. The wind was enough to knock me off my feet, without laughing too…!
On the other side of the lock and bridge headed towards, I mean backing towards where it’s wide enough to turn. You can just make out where the bow has to be buried into the reeds on the left…
Starting to turn…
Coming up tomorrow: How to turn your boat around --- in a field…

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