Sunday, 25 April 2010

Gone green overnight, there´s no rest for some people

When we moored up yesterday a farmer was busy stunt driving his tractor through the fields till 1am, (yep, that’s am). When it went dark the tractor was lit up like 20 Christmas trees for obvious reasons.
Didn’t half create a cloud of dust because it’s been so dry, and the delicate fragrance it created was overwhelming…
He must’ve known it was going to rain overnight because when we finally emerged from the depths this morning, we could see green shoots coming through already. It’s got to be Miracle Grow…
You know I said no rest for some people? Well there’s two fishermen in this photo, one on the back of each boat. I think Steve and his shadow (RHS) are just about visible.
Meanwhile Dave’s blended in with the blue lux con so the fish can’t see him…
Ah, there he is, since I took these photos four hours ago neither of the “expert fishermen” have caught a thing, not even a yucky eel…
Now you might be wondering why both boats are back to back, remember the unofficial winding hole I mentioned the other day? Well we haven’t used it before, in fact it’s so unofficial it’s difficult to um, officially locate.
We were supposed to turn there and then back up through the lock, but of course we missed it. So it means messing about ass about face on the way back instead. But never mind.
Hey up the supersonic tractor’s back, maybe they’re just fast growing weeds in there after all…

Dave’s taking a well earned break from four hours of hard graft sat with a fishing pole and catching nothing. So he’s gone off down the towpath with his fancy camera and tripod to take some pictures. Which means I might be able to post a photo or 500 of some rabbits tomorrow, there’s about 2,000 of them across the way, no fish in the canal though.
The BBQ we did last night was yummy, and we’re having full Sunday dinner cooked next door tonight, so I must go and prepare myself with a nice glass of wine…

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