Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Hit and Miss?

You can’t be too sceptical these days when it comes to certain companies getting deliveries right. The bedroom we’d ordered from Homebase turned up today in an Argos wagon. “Stay calm Heth, they’re both the same company now” said Steve.
First of all though, here’s a sandwich we made earlier, oh alright then Dave held up three pieces of what’s on the floor now. In reverse order we have Thermawrap on the bottom layer, Tredaire underlay in the middle and the carpet on top…
Anyway back to the Homebase delivery disguised as Argos, everything turned up (GASP). So it’s all scattered about all over the place because there’s a certain order these things have to be put together in isn’t there? After all, we wouldn’t want a hybrid wardrobe sat on half a bed with a chest of drawers in the middle.
We’re still not sure what the order of construction is yet, but we’ll make sure all traces of a previous item are removed before embarking on the next. (Which sounds too simple but never mind).
For some reason Dave wanted to build the wardrobe before the bed, personally I would’ve done it the other way round. Last night we slept on the mattress – the old bed frame was unavailable because it’s in a skip down the tip.
Said mattress was carefully placed on top of our airbed for extra comfort and ease on the aching limbs. However during the night it took on a life of it’s own and kept slipping off the airbed – taking us both with it. My new memory foam pillow ended up with amnesia…

The beginnings of a wardrobe…
It inspired masses of confidence when Dave noticed the following stamped on every box:
“Country Of Origin --- VIETNAM. Blimey that’s a long way to go if we need to take anything back. 
They say “Patience is a virtue,” well I’m patiently waiting to see what’s broken or missing. So far the wardrobe has an extra piece of wood surplus to requirements, and the destructions might as well be in Vietnamese too…

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