Wednesday, 28 April 2010

The farcical food fest

Steve worked magic with his executive BBQ last night, the table was set outside with barmy cakes, and condiments. Then plates full of all the usual yummy stuff started to appear, except RIGHT ON CUE it started peeing down. Our two extra guests saved the day with a big brolly, set it all up above the table full of goodies, then it stopped peeing down, timing? Well at least it worked in our favour.
The feast was wonderful even though Steve caught this thing just before prep work began, and according to him it was also going to be on the menu.
Have you ever seen an eel as big as this? And why did I take a photo of that instead of the (real) food…?

The executive BBQ…
So if this is “son of Hibachi” where the hell’s Hibachi senior? We even asked Mr Google, but there wasn’t any ash to be found.
The matching Multifunctional Executive Dining Table there by the side of their boat deserves a mention. We didn’t use it at all, but it still deserves some recognition for it’s versatility.
Also note the executive BBQ suitcase sheltering underneath…
Later on the two caterer’s were praised for their expert culinary skills, half of it was cooked by Steve, and the other half was cooked aboard TT by Dave. Both Dave and Steve were half cooked themselves at the time, so work that out if you can.
Now the thing is, Steve reckons this executive BBQ can be folded up and put away (in its executive handbag) while the charcoal is still hot. Therefore saving on the high cost of charcoal these days because it stays put, AND it gets recycled which also saves the environment from imminent disaster too.
So to prove the point he folded the darn thing up and put it away while the embers were still hot, but smoke plumed out of the bag. “No, no just wait, it’ll stop in a minute, really it will, honest just keep watching.” (The smoke gets worse), but to be fair it did eventually die a death, whether it’s a permanent thing or not is yet to be determined.
Every BBQ tells a story – well for us it does anyway…
Some boring but important tech news:
The only downside to yesterday was finding out that our faulty (leisure batteries) alternator problem hasn’t gone away, we didn’t need to run the engine at all for two days. All readings were above 12V on the panel which is correct.
Then in the afternoon we ran the engine for an hour, just to keep the charge up there, but it didn’t and dropped down to 10V. Last night all 240 volts appliances went off. So we ran the engine a second time and nothing changed. We´ve been here before... 
Apparently it needs to be up around 12V + to run the fridge freezer and other 240 volt stuff. But if it drops down to 10 we’re buggered because the faulty alternator just can’t put enough charge in back in.
It looks like the voltage regulator on it that’s gone so Dave’s going to get it sorted tomorrow, either reconditioned or buying a new one, whatever it takes. We know it’s possible to swap over to the starter engine alternator, but didn’t like the idea because the bow thruster batteries run off a splitter from that. Let’s not take any chances eh?!
See she knows her techie stuff too, (Ha Ha). So to sum it all up we need an alternate alternator which makes a good alternative.
Coming up tomorrow: Photos of Dave driving the boat backwards through a lock, in a gale force wind --- I kid ye not…

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