Monday, 26 April 2010

The latest designer kit no fisherman should be without

First of all I’ve got to set the scene here, it’s nice and sunny at the moment but VERY breezy. After yesterday’s fishing marathon between Dave and Steve where neither of them caught a sausage (?) Today Dave’s decided to abandon the relative calm in the conservatory at the back of the boat and fish off the bow instead.
But before he went out there he disappeared inside, then came out wearing a thermal fishing suit...
“See I told you I’d wear it” says he, (ages ago I attempted to chuck it, opportunity denied). So when the laughter had died down a bit, I couldn’t quite work out whether it’s all about proving my protests wrong. Which at the time included the fact that he’d never wear it. OR whether it’s a genuine attempt to keep warm. OR is it just a big joke? Oh and he’s also wearing his “lucky cap” too, but in order for that to stay on his head he’s had to put the hood up.
So I got him when he wasn’t looking…
And he’s just caught a fish, so there are some in there after all – it’s a bream so I’ve been told…
There’s two conditions that go with fishing off the bow looking like a teddy bear and those are:
a) No slimy stuff on the newly coated well deck.
b) Under NO circumstances does the offending article he’s wearing go back in a drawer. I was stupid enough to wash the dam thing when we ripped the bedroom out, (fool), so it couldn’t be banned while it was clean – but it dam well can now, he he…
I got talking to a lady on the towpath yesterday, she said she walks her dog every day along various sections of canals round here and [quote] “I can honestly say yours is the nicest canal boat I’ve ever seen.” I asked her if she was just being polite and the answer was “no, I was thinking it myself as I walked towards it!”
What a compliment, it’s so nice when a complete stranger is so instantly impressed. Mind you, it’s a good job she hadn’t seen the mess inside over the past few weeks of renovations.
Oh, and of course I didn’t tell her that TT might look good but she’s got a rebellious streak, or the fact that we’ve spent 15,000 quid on the good ship Tetley Teabag since we bought her. Yep, I got that comma between the numbers in the right place…  

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