Monday, 12 April 2010

Well these things happen

How not to open a swing bridge…
We were sat out back in the lux conservatory last night eating our tea (we only go inside when necessary in hot weather). Anyway a boat came past us, turned out the guy was sailing solo. We only realised when we saw him stop at the swing bridge on the opposite side to the towpath. He was using a rope to pull the boat through, but it didn’t quite go to plan, (perhaps that’s because the TT Twosome were watching).
I was a bit slow grabbing the camera so all I managed to capture on this photo was the rescue operation. Previous to this (as the swing bridge was opening). The rope pulled the boat out into the middle of the canal and the front end collided with the half open bridge. So the guy tried to open it fully (like you would), but the boat came with it and ended up on a 90 degree angle.
Then when it did straighten out it drifted over to the towpath side, so he left it there, closed the bridge and walked over to it. Up to that point there was nothing we could do from the towpath side, all the action was going on across the way. Poor guy, it wasn’t even windy, and to make matters worse he almost slipped off the boat.
He must’ve been gutted, sod checking out the damage, he took off like a missile afterwards. It’s the audience and the inevitable embarrassment that makes you cringe when you cock up big style isn’t it? But we could sympathise, there’s been one or two moments in our boating history when matching ejector seats and a remote control would’ve come in very useful.
Scenario: “Is everything ok?” (Shouts the passing gongoozler). Through gritted teeth one smiles and says “Yes fine thank you.” Which implies the gaff was meant to happen, only people with superior boating skills can do that. Whilst at the same time, along with the mandatory sickly smile, the words that go unspoken are please p*ss off.
Well if you thought the sunset photo in yesterday’s post was beautiful – this was last night’s stunning display as it slowly went down beneath the clouds…
Big skies round here make for amazing sunsets…
Setting off back to base this aft, Mr Cool Dude with his all important Captain cap on…
Back at base we went straight round for a pump out and discovered a problem. Last time we thought it took a long time to err, evacuate, but this time I could’ve knitted a jumper without being able to knit. Turns out we’ve got an O ring with a Ole in it. Well at least it’s been diagnosed, which means there’s nothing wrong with the consistency of our poo, we were getting a bit worried about that.
I forgot to mention, Dave caught a canoeist yesterday. No harm was done to man or canoe. The canoeist appeared from nowhere right next to the boat and thought it would be “good fun” to go under Dave’s fishing pole, no bait required.
With Dave being both a boater and a fisherman he’s considerate to both, therefore was not responsible for this debacle. However with no harm done, on a light hearted note it gave us all a laugh…!

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