Sunday, 9 May 2010

A shower usually involves getting wet

As I set the shower going this morning something quite unexpected happened, most of the water was spraying upwards towards the ceiling, and for a moment I was totally confused. (Easy done).
It’s at times like this I look to Dave for inspiration as to what’s going on because he knows about these things and I don’t, although I’m sure sometimes he wishes he didn’t. So after sending out a brief distress call I heard:
“What’s up with it then – besides the water?” (The mind boggles, is it the TT curse at work again?)
Dave picks it up, “what did you do to it?” (It drops off in his hand) “oh I see…”
It turned out the threads had sheared off the (new) shower head (how painful) and it needed a new one. Well it had never been dropped / thrown about the room or abused in any way so the diagnosis was that he must’ve over-tightened it whilst fitting the dam thing.
It also meant a trip to to the local hardware store to buy a new shower head. Fortunately that was a tad less tedious than the other option of ripping the whole unit out including the wall. Then returning it to Homebase and waiting up to 3 months for a replacement to arrive, only to endure the joys of plumbing and wall building all over again. No thank you.  
So this is what it looked like when I first walked in the bathroom…
And this is what it looked like a 5 minutes later…
So much for L'Oreal Elvive and being worth it…
Update: Since the incident happened, Dave’s fixed the new one on, I’ve had a nice shower, and it dam well was worth it…

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