Monday, 10 May 2010

A visit from the boat dentist

Well that’s what it felt like anyway, yes folks it was Boat Safety Certificate pass or fail day today, with Mr Health and Safety himself only coming at 6pm we had all day to ponder on it.

This is our “first time” as it were and for some reason I felt compelled to give the boat a spectacular clean throughout before he got here. So that would be the cleaning your teeth bit before you go to the dentist then? Such things don’t make a scrap of difference to the outcome (or cost) but we still do it.

Anyway I’m pleased to report that the good ship “Toil n’ Trouble” is completely safe to live on, travel in, and passed with flying colours.

When the boat dentist left we both said “phew” and plonked ourselves down with a glass of wine in hand like we’d won a prize or something.

Never having been present at one of these examinations before, it’s all very comprehensive isn’t it? We discussed some relevant subjects like how boats can set on fire, and listened to some horror stories.

His advice was, if it sets on fire JUST RUN!!!
Then he said, “they burn fast and they burn hot so just flee and call the fire brigade!” He wasn’t joking either. Abandon ship without even trying out a fire extinguisher? Apparently so, although it’s not compulsory of course, just advisory. Don’t know if I could just do a runner though, lets hope we never have to find out!
I’m so glad we didn’t have to spend a fortune on any bad teeth connections, its a comforting thought when you live in a safe place, even if TT bites sometimes…

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