Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Here and there

Well Dave arrived back here about 4pm yesterday, apparently he’d been sending me texts wondering why I hadn’t replied --- but my phone was switched off, how stupid is that? So he just sort of turned up unexpectedly, which was a nice surprise. The first thing I said was “Why didn’t you text me?” So we settled that one, put tea on and had beef burger barmy cakes for 2 barmy people.
The wind dropped off later on last night, so I played about with the telephoto lens for a while.
Another mystery bird o’er yonder field and it’s no fancy magpie…
Took these while the sun was going down…
And there it is…
We’re going back to base this evening :-(
Got some things to sort out but hopefully its just for 24 hours then “we’ll be back."
Alternate Alternator update: We’ve been told the new high output at low voltage one I mentioned is irrelevant because our engine’s powerful enough to be doing that job anyway.
We ran the engine this morning for the same length of time and now we really are playing at silly beggars. Last night it was at 13V (after running the engine). We’ve done nothing different, and this morning when we got up it was down to 12V, (fair enough) but after running the engine – it’s still showing 12V? Whatever happened to 13 then? She says befuzzled.
Hmm, we’re setting off right now so I’d better go,,, VROOM…

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