Saturday, 29 May 2010

New life and a bit of retail therapy

Ok so “I’m back online again” (sounds like a song), this is the first day I (we) have felt anything like normal. When I say normal I mean our kind of “normal” since, well, Monday really.
The funeral on Wednesday was traumatic and yesterday we were both like a couple of zombies. Neither of us could face seeing or talking to any of our friends, we were too physically and mentally exhausted. I’d just like to thank everyone who personally showed us such support – it was much appreciated.
So today was a breakthrough, anyone who reads the blog regularly will know that I call the weekly food shop “Tesco Trauma.” But today was different – it was actually something to look forward to! (Tesco Tonic?) I think it’s all about life going on or something…
Talking of new life. This is a crap photo but the best we could do at the time, the water hen with her nest behind the boat has had her chicks. Someone’s seen 5 of them, but of course they all hide when the camera’s out.
I need a sun hat for my bald head…!
And here’s the retail therapy bit, there’s a white skirt on the right somewhere but it seems to have blended in with the duvet cover somehow…
Then there’s this, a bargain at half price, it was so cheap for “eau de parfum.” No toilet toilette stuff here. So I thought to myself well I’ll use it as an air freshener if it’s no good, but it’s really nice…!

Looks like it says “paraplosiac” in this photo. But it’s actually called “Paradisiac” which sounds like a cross between paradise and an aphrodisiac, hmm… Well worth 6 quid then…

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