Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Over cautious with electrics, rightly so!

Well the faulty alternator isn’t faulty and we’re running out of possible causes for the loss of 240V after 4 days when we’re out.

Between them Dave and Steve have now eliminated any problems with the alternator and cables, so the mystery problem is still a mystery.

Thanks to those of you who posted helpful ideas about this the other day, they’ve all been checked without fault! Oh how weird is this, sabotaged again...

Good as Dave is with engineering stuff (and the rest) electrical stuff isn’t one of those things he´ll get too involved in. We’ve even thought that maybe it’s us, we’re not running the engine enough while we’re out.

But that doesn’t make sense because last year out on the Leeds Liverpool canal we were on the move almost every day. That’s when it originally went ass about tit. I was using the hoover, so just to be on the safe side we ran the engine at the time and within a few minutes lost ALL power, (with the engine still running).

After that, even being on the move for six hours a day, it never recovered 240V for more than two hours a day. Which meant we had to throw everything in the fridge freezer away when we got back.

We’re hoping to go out at weekend and test it out one last time, but we’re not very confident at all.
So please excuse me, I’m feeling a bit flat at the moment, (groan)…

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