Saturday, 15 May 2010

The important power test drive

Apart from any electrical test results or updates may I first say, I’m happy merry to announce that a wine bottle and two wine glasses appeared from the depths at about 2.30pm. (OOO) Was this my responsibility? Nope, I asked Dave if he wanted a cup ‘o tea and the answer was “I don’t suppose there’s a glass of wine handy is there?” Well what else could I say or do but pop a cork? So please excuse if this post is a bit wobbly.
First of all may I just say a big hello to the crew of nb Elysium who trundled past us today and let me know that they follow my blog avidly. It’s such a compliment to hear that, so I’m ashamed to say that I think it was “Jack” who shouted that to us, but can’t be sure because the wind was almost deafening.
So here’s some photos I took today:
Headed towards the skeleton ghost bridge, if you don’t know the story – don’t ask, but it’s all on here somewhere…
Just beyond that, the trees form a beautiful archway…
“Toggenberg” from the Lancaster canal, at first we thought it was a working boat…
But it looked more like a scruffy live aboard as we crept by, a bit too close for comfort…
Had to be at least 14ft wide…
Is it just me or does this new (refurbishment) house project appear to have a roof that slopes in towards the centre…?
 A lonely cloud in a picture frame…

Some kind of new building going up here, either that or the local farmer has taken up geometrics…

The view from where we’ve moored up…
Peace and quiet, open fields and hills in the background on a sunny day, what more can you ask for in life…?
As I was holding in the middle rope when we moored up I watched Dave wrestling with his mallet and pins at bow and stern. At first I thought he’d tied the boat up too slack, but then I observed we’re GROUNDED so what the hell, we aren’t going anywhere.
Anyway back to the voltmeter game, for anyone who hasn’t dropped off to sleep yet here’s the latest report on the state of play:
2pm – set off, reading at 14V,
3.30pm – moored up, reading at 13V,
It’s now just past 8pm and we’re still at 13V, the only 240V we’ve used is the fridge freezer. We’ve also got the hard drive TV thingy in standby and my laptop is plugged in – that’s it.
More exciting updates tomorrow.

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