Sunday, 16 May 2010

The onus is on us I think

This saga is beginning to sound more and more like a corny game show with a bonus ball at the end. Or even a hybrid version of Bingo?
And today’s score on the volt meter is: Last night reading 12V, this morning still reading 12V, (goody). So we ran the engine for an hour and a half, after we switched the engine off it’s back up to just over 13V! (Gobsmacked).
It’s crossed my brain cell that perhaps there was a loose connection before the alternator was taken off to be checked, and now its been refitted it’s ok. Then again the loose connection(s) could just have been a couple of plonkers called Heth and Dave getting their wires crossed.
Today’s been a strange day, we’ve found out a member of Dave’s family is ill, & we’ll have to mosey on back to base. BUT we’re currently pinned against the towpath bank by a force 7 gale and unable to move, so it’s all a bit dodgy. There’s two possible scenario’s waiting for us:
  • Do we wait and see if the wind drops a bit after tea? It very often does round here if it’s a windy day, but you can guarantee it won’t today.
  • Or does Dave walk a couple of miles down the towpath back to the marina (and car) tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn?
On a brighter note though, we’ve decided that if we do make it back to the marina tonight. Dave will drive down to Staffordshire for visiting time (yes by car). Then we’ll stock up at Tesco on Tuesday and come back here later that same day for the rest of the week, see there’s always an upside to everything in life.
Sorry I haven’t been able to write more today or post any daft photos. The camera’s batteries are fully charged, but under the circumstances OURS AREN’T. However, we’ve got plenty of piping hot water.
So is it volts that count or amps…?
Now where’d that bonus ball go…?

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