Saturday, 22 May 2010

Watery tales from the canal bank

Dave’s been experimenting with the camera again this morning. He went out to take a close up photo of a Red Admiral butterfly. It was too smart for him and flew off, so he came back with this instead. Even a dandelion head full of seeds can look amazing with Macro settings.
More detail than the human eye can see…?
Moving on swimmingly from Macro to Mungo: There are many signs round here telling people to keep their dogs on a lead. Yet out of all the dogs that have bounded past us while we’ve been here not a one has been under control. Personally I don’t mind as long as they’re not aggressive in any way, the owner picks up any sh*t, and they don’t wee near the boat. (That’s the dog not the owner).
But what really irks me is the vast number of dog walkers on the towpath who find it fun to stand at the side of the boat (front or back without preference), then throw all sorts of paraphernalia into the canal for their dog(s) to retrieve. It baffles me as to why, when there’s miles of open canal out there they have to come within roughly three feet of the boat to throw their branches, popped footballs and floating rubber bones.
Our peace was shattered the other day when two women stood at the back of the boat doing a bit of “training” with a dog that couldn’t swim very well at all. This went on for at least an hour and the dog was appropriately named "Dodge…"
“C’mon Dodge fetch it to mummy” (IT being something that resembled a tree trunk), I don’t think they had any inkling that their voices were so high pitched it was like listening to an out of tune opera. Or that the forked branches on the tree trunk could’ve done any damage.
Part of me wanted to go out and ask them kindly to move on a bit, but by the same token it was a dam good laugh at their expense. Both of us were sat here in the lux con tittering like a couple of kids – out of sight of course. Besides they’d never have heard anything above their own racket. Honestly between them they must’ve bellowed:
“Good boy Dodge”
about 400 times…
“Excuse me madam can I borrow your megaphone for a moment? Oh, I see you haven’t got one, WELL BUGGER OFF ANYWAY.”
Last night we came to the conclusion Farmer Giles (besides all the other household appliances mentioned yesterday) must also have a power shower with body jets “out in the field” too…
Well that’s about it for today, Dave’s just organising a BBQ outside and we’ve removed the traffic cones that were reserving a space for our friends, unfortunately they can’t make it.
What started off on their boat as a problem calorifier, which meant they had no hot water, has now turned into a more serious problem with the hot water tank which means they have NO water. Oh dear, they were really fed up about not coming here too – hope they get it sorted this weekend…

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