Sunday, 23 May 2010

Woke up this morning and we were surrounded

Journalist mode:
At the crack of dawn we heard a right old racket going on outside the boat, when we looked out of the window we found ourselves slap bang in the middle of a fishing match…
With this first guy here not 10 foot from the bow of our boat…
Looking the other way, check this out for flaunting the rules, two of them sat fishing in an area with overhead power lines...
British Waterways have made it quite clear with the sign on the right that within that stretch there should be “No fishing beyond this point” there’s another sign at the other end in clear view as well.
God forbid if we boaters ignored warning signs (any signs) like that, instant financial penalties would be incurred along with a slapped wrist.
Check out those power lines…
Dave commented “well perhaps they switch the power off for them…” Yes he was joking.
But there’s a principle here, AND where those two guys are sitting is a designated area for boats to moor up – the reeds have been cut back and pilings put in. There’s only one space left at the moment so would a boat actually be able to moor up there and move them on without any aggro? I doubt it, and we’re too polite.
Totally ignored…

I read an article about a month ago, British Waterways are encouraging more angling clubs to fish the canals (and speedster cyclists to knock people sideways). So I have a question, after seeing this kind of ignorance of the rules FOR PEOPLE’S OWN PROTECTION, does British Waterways expect us boaters to readily accept it?
Dave’s called off any fishing off the bow today saying “it’s not the done thing when there’s a guy sat there match fishing.” Oh and even with all our electrical problems he won’t run the engine till they’ve gone. Good grief, am I supposed to bake them a cake as well? 
We realise that these angling clubs pay to fish along a stretch of canal, or even think they own “their patch” in some cases. But lets not forget the canals were made for boats and we pay a hell of a lot more for the privilege of using them without pretence of “ownership.” Fair enough though these guys here seem quite courteous to passing boaters – even if they won’t speak.
But for the boaters themselves it’s like passing through an obstacle course…
Well I think I’ve stated my case here of how to take over the towpath, break the rules and get away with it. So I’ll shut up now, and go sound the horn for a while…

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