Thursday, 24 June 2010

A face in the clouds

I discovered this amongst some of the photos that I posted yesterday, but it didn’t get an airing then because I wanted to do a comparison thing:
Let me introduce you to the skeleton face ghost cloud…
And here’s the skeleton face ghost of the missing bridge who I met by accident one day last year…
Creepy eh…?
News Alert: We’re running out of water round these ‘ere parts. A hosepipe ban is imminent, and there´s talk of BW closing the Leeds Liverpool canal, because it’s so short of water which comes from the dwindling reservoirs.
This is dam typical seeing as it’s the first summer since we bought the boat where we’d be free to trundle up and down out there without any time limits now we’re retired.
Ah well that’s the way it goes – or doesn’t as the case may be…

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