Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Another voyage planned

Well we’re setting off tomorrow on yet another voyage of discovery, bedlam, and general silliness. So in order to prepare myself I’m sat here with a cool glass of white wine in the blistering heat, when I should have the washer going but can’t be bothered.
Honestly this luxury conservatory turns into a greenhouse (nay, sauna) when it’s warm however many sides we put up. Even so there’s only one of my legs getting a tan because the sun’s on a skew – or we are, yep the latter is more plausible.
We’ve heard that the Leeds Liverpool canal has no water in it (well not enough for a widebeam to float happily on). So we can’t go up that way, I mean if it’s not the locks up the Rufford that are a problem (to get there in the first place) it’s the lack of a canal when you get there.
Makes no odds anyway because we still haven’t sorted the alternator for an alternatortive, just haven’t got round to it yet.
The boat needs more power than (the alternator) can handle to feed the batteries so 5 days is the limit (still). But I’m not complaining, we both love just being out there in the sun – bring it on. So there’s a few of us been making arrangements for a BIG BBQ / p*ss up out there.
First of all Dave cleaned his mushrooms this afternoon, and they were transformed:
From this…
To this…
The only reason he’s bothered is because we’re going out, anyone would think we’re going to a boat show, I know he’s proud of his mushrooms – till it rains. Nice job honey.
So here’s some other stuff from the past couple of days:
Mrs Coot and her nest behind the boat update, she’s got 6 little cootlets. But I couldn’t get them all in one photo because some are braver than others…
Here’s the other two…
And here’s mum feeding them…
Macro Magic, these are the beautiful water iris they live in…
Well that’s it I must go and (yawn) get that washer on (yawn)…

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