Thursday, 3 June 2010

Never Put Off Till Tomorrow

You know I’d said there was loads to do yesterday and I couldn’t be bothered, well it meant there was even more to do today. So after we’d been shopping which was the last thing on the list.
I think we broke the world record as to how fast you can put things away in their rightful place without tripping over each other or causing serious harm to supplies, so we could set off out. Remember the old saying that all mum’s used to say?
“Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today”
Anyway we FINALLY embarked about 3pm and moored up in the best spot we’ve ever found round here yet, sheltered by some trees. For the first time in ages we sat out the back without putting the luxury conservatory up – it was just too HOT.
There’s only been one boat gone past while we’ve been here and two different people have asked for the number of the company that built said conservatory. It wasn’t even up at the time (won’t go under bridges) but they know the boat – everyone knows this boat. She might have notoriety, even fame?
Unfortunately the “fortune” word that goes with the “fame” word works the opposite way round for us in financial terms but she’s worth it (sometimes).
Well on a different note, I’ve noticed people sometimes put details on their blog of a superb boat they know of that’s for sale, so not to be left behind I found one today:
Something else eh…?
And the crumpled sepia coloured paper in the window there says “FOR SALE” there’s contact details underneath which I can pass on to you if you’re interested…
Looking back down the Rufford canal in all its glory from where we’re parked up, no traffic jams round here…
And, lux con partly back up, I’ve just took these from where I’m sat right now…
A few interesting facts and figures for the archives:
Approx. number of trees passed: About 300
Approx. number of fields passed, both sides: 30
Cows: None
Sheep: 26
Ducks: 12
Tractors: 3 and a half
Number of moored up boats passed: 9 (including the desirable cruiser)
Boats gone past us (while we’re moored up) so far: Just the one
Number of swing bridges: 2
Number of locks: None
Number of miles travelled: Immaterial…
Right, that’s it for today because that bottle of chilled white wine in the fridge is shouting at me to go fetch…

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