Sunday, 4 July 2010

A wet and windy welcome to July on the waterways

Well I wonder if we’ve had our summer and that’s it for another year? After all, the longest day has been and gone, we’ve had the mini heat-wave, mandatory water shortage, so I suppose floods are on the horizon now after 24 hours of drizzle.
Oh dear has Heth the optimist turned into “Heth the pessimist?” Well no, but it’s easy done when it comes to weather prospects. I think perhaps we’re all conditioned to expect the worst now. Especially when we get told it will be “changeable for the rest of the week” straight after mentioning the weather front for today…
What we woke up to this morning…

But it was a great excuse to sit down and watch the master tennis player of all time (with the most gorgeous smile in the world) win Wimbledon. Ah, well done Nadal. The ACE quip of the day was when someone in the crowd shouted “C’MON ANDY” at the top of their voice, clever sarcasm aimed straight at Mr Murray Mint there.
Yes, I realise we got the bum end of the weather here today. Comes as a big shock to the system when it’s been so nice for so long, then it changes dramatically overnight. We usually manage to avoid the worst here but not this time.
Talking of drama It didn’t go amiss that the sun shone down on Wimbledon for a full two weeks, I mean that’s just not tennis…

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