Saturday, 31 July 2010

How´s the boat coming along then eh?

This morning, Mr and Mrs Swan plus their 6 babes went for a visit to the boat shed to check up on progress…
The kids sat and watched while dad showed them all how to climb a ladder…
We’re still stuck with the crap cam here. Which reminds me, it’s over 2 weeks now since we dropped the fancy cam off to be repaired by Mr Cannon (Can’t). While we were handing it over to the assistant she asked if we’d like to track the repair. (Eh? Did they want us to go with it?) Then she mentioned the word ALERT for text messages, hmm, that word.
Turns out to be rightly so because we haven’t received an informative text or even an alarming alert since we tossed it over the counter. Perhaps we should’ve accompanied it in person after all.
So it’s either a typical crap admin setup or they’ve lost the dam thing – which would also be typical because it’s got our name on it…

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