Thursday, 22 July 2010

The rainbow effect with a colourful story

I was going to start by calling this post “Over the rainbow” but that’s just too cheesy even for me.
So look what happened last night when them there angry clouds came over. It’s at times like this when one wishes one’s fancy camera was um, available for duty. But alas, it’s indisposed at the Cannon hospital, so we’ve only got the crap cam.
Awesome with the human eye this…
And this…
And this…
And this…
And this sunset later on…
Tony the Mop came round for a visit to let us know he got a set of spanners for 20 quid from B&Q, apparently they should’ve been twice the price. (The excitement was underwhelming).
He also shared the heart warming fact that he’d be testing them out later today when he takes his “toilette apart,” so he can get rid of a blockage in his macerator (Ouch).
Mop quote: “Nothing’s going down even though it makes the right noise.” Now that’s the kind of news you really need to know first thing in a morning isn’t it? More “crap” and corny jokes that were so good I can’t remember them. Nothing wrong with OUR facility though,, smug He He…

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