Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Big Bob the bream

If you thought that bream in yesterday’s post was a big bugger, it must’ve just been a practice run. (Well don’t ask me the details, I know nothing). THIS is what Dave caught last night:  
Big Bob the Bream…
The alert was sounded even before BOB was netted “HEATHER, GET THE CRAP CAM QUICK, THIS IS HUGE.”
Both the professionals and the non-fishermen / women in the immediate area came running round to catch a glimpse of BOB. Honestly it brings tears of joy to the eyes sometimes, but only if you’ve got an eyelash stuck in one, or hay fever.
Anyhow, that’s enough fishy photos for the time being, else I may have to change the name and theme of the TT blog to “Tickled Trout” or something…

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