Monday, 2 August 2010

We´ve got fish here

There’s so much NOT happening at the moment, I can’t keep up with it all.
You know I’ve mentioned Dave’s changed is fishing technique? Well he netted this thing last night. So something must be working right because this is the biggest one he’s caught here yet.
Worthy of a photo, but only because it’s smiling at us and (Dave) almost got a round of applause from his jealous rivals…
I’ve just been ear-wigging a very serious conversation between the 3 expert fisherman concerning small pellets and swing tips. Must’ve had the same look on my face as the fish did.
And now for something completely different:
It’s official, the Leeds Liverpool Canal is well and truly CLOSED, gates are locked, the feeds from the reservoirs have been shut off, and BW have no idea when it will be re-opened, bye bye world… Even the North West news did a report that was even more detailed – all doom and gloom really.
Did I say at the top of this post that there was nothing happening…?

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