Sunday, 12 September 2010

A great night out with a reserve parking spot

What more can I say…? Last night we arrived on the car park for my mum and dad’s 50th Wedding Anniversary party. We were welcomed before even going inside the building.
There was a choice of two reserved spaces for us.
I think it was an optional thing JIC who the driver was, or, we could even have turned up in two separate cars, and that would’ve caused real havoc moving other cars out the way.
So I’m guessing they were just covering all bases really…
Being as this was a big event, I won’t bore you with millions of photos of people you don’t know, so let me introduce you to mom and pops, the happy couple.
May they have many more years together…
Cutting the cake – again…!
Dad doing a brilliant speech…

And here’s Chloe, our grand daughter – their great grand daughter…
All in all it was a great night & lovely to see people we haven’t seen for ages, they’d travelled from near and far – even the USA. But for those of us closer to home it makes you think perhaps we should all get together more often. Last time we had a big family do on this scale was almost four years ago…! I know on this occasion many people were friends of my parents, but even so it makes you think…!
So three cheers to my mum and dad on their Golden Wedding Anniversary…!
Oh yes, amongst the many surprises for mom ‘n pops, my sister put together a DVD of photos. It went right back from when they got married to the present day. So as you can imagine hairstyles and fashion fads from "many moons ago” caused a mixture of both laughing and cringing at the same time…
Same goes for the “kids” when they really were “kids.” And us in the 1980’s thinking we looked cool, side splitting stuff that. Even TT was on there from when we had a family day out on the boat last year. Granted there weren’t many of us that day because it was an impromptu last minute thing.
Liam got more than a mention, a photo of him in his army uniform, and a standing round of applause from everyone. He´s in Afghanistan at the moment, and several of us were in tears. 
PS: I couldn’t find a Golden Wedding Anniversary card anywhere, perhaps not many people stay together that long these days. So I considered making one myself for about a nanosecond, but thought better of it and bought a fancy one instead. Which translated means I paid more than usual for this sort of card…

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