Thursday, 23 September 2010

Farmers onion, I mean union unites

I’ve come to the conclusion that the farmers have all gone on strike because the “Big Society” is offering their jobs to volunteers. Hence the “renegade volunteers” have sabotaged their fields, downed tools tractors and equipment – minus engines and parts.
On the bright side for the farmers, after a summer of carefully tending their parsnips there’ll be no need to harvest them now. So instead of all that hard labour, they’ll have plenty of time to spend a week or 3 in Barbados instead.
Don’t worry though, we’ll still have enough Brussels to go with our Sunday roast, they all come from China (after going round the world twice).
Not a tractor in sight in September, never seen the likes of this before…
This is a horses field complete with swimming pool and spa…
Now you see, this guys got it right, his patchwork fields gradually slope down to the canal, no luxury holiday for him then…
Don’t ask me to match these up field to field, believe it or not here’s some photos of the same area from May to June…
Sollom Fav Spot (56)
Sollom Fav Spot (96)
Sollom Fav Spot (183)
Sollom Fav Spot (203)
Sollom Fav Spot (321)
Sollom Fav Spot (389)

Sollom Fav Spot (433)
So the con conclusion is, err I’m not sure, but I’ve heard it said that cannabis likes a lot of water…

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