Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Goodbye´s and good luck!

It was a bitter sweet day today, as we left the marina on our little adventure down the Rufford canal. We also had to say our goodbye’s to Tony the Mop who’s leaving the marina tomorrow morning – for good. He’s got a mooring on the Leeds Liverpool, so for all his foibles we’ll miss him lots,
By the way his new name is “Teflon Tony” (he never sticks in one place). And he might even find himself stuck to the bottom of the canal up there…
So Bye Bye to the Mop, the pointed finger really means “will miss you loads because you’re such wonderful people…” {True}
The last farewell. Oh I’m welling up…

Moving on, (out the entrance and onto the Rufford canal) here’s me opening a swing bridge for the first time since I’d done my back in. I was very careful and very nervous, but it was ok! Nothing broke, I mean me not the bridge.
No ribbing required…
I did a post last week with a “before any cutting back the trees" was done by BW. But didn’t have an “after the work was done” photo, so here’s a few I took today:
So here’s the “after the work was done” comparison, long angle view if there is such a thing…
I know photos of tree stumps must be a bit boring, but they were BIG trees. Notice how, even with a boat moored up on the towpath further down. (Barely visible in this photo). The foliage is chopped back on the opposite side, and the canal bank goes in a straight line, as opposed to an overgrown dog leg.
So this is good news, a difficult job well done, but unfortunately it’s just the tip of the iceberg. In the same blog post as the “Before” photo is a shopping list I made of everything else that needs doing on the Rufford canal.
Most of the things on that list are impossible due to lack of funding (the age old problem). But I still emailed said list to our local British Waterways office. Putting the emphasis on the trees at the back of Rufford Old Hall as being a priority due to the danger aspect. A bit further down from this is more like a minefield...  
I got a reply email this morning telling me my list had gone to the wrong department and will be passed on,, hmm I know it went to the right one...
Anyway, on our way here today I took some photos of exactly how hazardous those trees are as you’re going through them, yes I said through them. I’ll post a photo story of how to navigate behind Rufford Old Hall with the least possible injury tomorrow. Thing is, most of the time you just have to make it up as you go along, and hope for the best…

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