Saturday, 18 September 2010

So whatever happened to cute and cuddly?

Grace, Poise and Elegance are three words that come to mind when one thinks about swans aren’t they? Not necessarily:
A swarm of swans or a feeding frenzy? All I did was chuck some bread yesterday, (while Dave was making himself at home in the bow locker). Blimey he must’ve wondered what the hell was going on beside him…
This is the bit where they realised the ducks were closing in en masse…
But the ducks sneaked back unnoticed…
WOW, a far cry from this in May…
Now THAT’s more like cute and fluffy stuff, (same family). Mum and dad gently flicking roots and greenery towards the kids for their lunch…
The alternator job this morning just didn’t generate enough sparks worth talking about. Except to say a big thanks to Bill the engineer for his expertise in upgrading us to a more powerful one for the leisure batteries.
However, the theory of being able to moor up for a few days and be able to run the engine less, has still to be put to the test. Which will probably be some time next year now looking at the weather prospects.
Why oh Why did I ever mention the possibility of an Indian summer…?

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