Monday, 27 September 2010

Thankfully, no damage to the propeller

Well the new, more powerful alternator has passed with flying colours. So why did the boat make us steer on a 45 degree angle all the way back? Yesterday Dave checked out the weed hatch – lo and behold look what was mangled round the prop…
Now the thing is we saw this same yellow coal bag floating past us, along with a manky plastic bucket while we were moored up on the canal. But we couldn’t reach them even with Dave’s “luxury” hi-tech telescopic fishing net.
When the wind changed direction, the bag must’ve hidden beneath the floating reed bed island that planted itself firmly behind the boat while were there. It begs the question:
Why do some people leave these heavy weave empty bags lying about waiting to take off? I hope it was the breeze that did it, and not a “couldn’t care less” boater. We’ve seen the “Oops my coal bag has flown in the water” event happen for real. In fact it was good enough for a You Tube video on “Carelessness.”
A boat came into the marina off the canal with an empty coal sack partly wrapped around one of the open doors at the back, clever that… Then the wind got up and inevitably the darn thing took off into the air without any grace. It skimmed across the roofs of several boats, so Dave went & fished it out. Not a head was turned by the owner even though he saw it happen.
We realise this thick weave plastic stuff is necessary for heavy stove burning fuel. But jeez, make a fetching set of blinds out of them, or even a shower curtain rather than leave them to fly off on their own…
In other words BE A BIT MORE CAREFUL, after all it’s not exactly rocket science. Keep potential airborne missiles that morph into submarines under control…

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