Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Well it´s a start

Oops! We got back on Sunday and realised we should’ve taken a photo or two of some tree stumps for posterity. Why?
Well I have an announcement: BW have actually done some tidying up of the overgrown trees on the Rufford Canal…!
Before you fell fall backwards in shock and awe, this is me (yes me) saying thanks to “Jack the BW lumberjack” for doing such an excellent job, (cringe, creep, crawl). Do you think that might work like a charm offensive for future investment work round here? Hmm.
So this is how it was around the Sollom area, no doubt I’ll remember to take some photos of the lack of branches next time we’re there…
Sollom Fav Spot (377)
All those bushy trees that were sticking out on the right there have been chopped back to just stumps with a chainsaw. So the canal’s about 20 foot wider here, well, seems like it. What I can’t understand is why they haven’t cut it all back sooner, like this time 2 years ago.
I wonder if Mr BW has been reading my blog…?
Well if he has – here’s the shopping list that still exists:
  • Lock gates need renovating
  • Locks need new paddle gear that works
  • Locks need painting
  • Rotting wooden bridges need replacing
  • More overgrown areas need chopping back
  • Solve the problem of who’s responsible for cutting back the trees that overhang the canal from the behind Rufford Old Hall. Get on with it – they are now dangerous
  • Grease the swing bridges more often
  • Dredge the canal
  • Get rid of the reeds either side, else the edges of the canal will meet the middle in places leaving it passable by canoe only
  • Clumps of reeds also break off, (anything up to 5 foot wide) & float about everywhere. Allow one of these get its fingers through a bow thruster guard and it could be painful
Playin´ Dodgems…
023 - Copy
So there you go Mr BW, not a lot to ask for really – just what should be done on this neglected canal anyway. Started so you’ll finish will you?
Ha, me thinks I’m barking up the wrong tree…

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