Friday, 29 October 2010

Then an Now

Before any reminiscing, I’ve just eaten a piece of cheesecake the size of a brick, which has left me feeling a little bit sick. (It rhymes). Darn it, I’d forgotten we’re going out for a meal tonight! Think I might be restricted to just a starter of garlic mushrooms, and leave it at that, (burp). Well it’ll save a bob or two, (burp).
Warning: Be aware that these photos might be traumatic to anyone with a delicate disposition regarding the weather: 
Rufford Day Sky (42)
And now…

Marina Views 2009 (69)

And now…
Perhaps I should’ve called this post:
“How to depress someone in 2 easy steps.”
It only came about because I looked outside before and did the comparison thing, you know, the one that makes you think “if only…”

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