Wednesday, 24 November 2010

A Surreal Surprise

We were only expecting Liam to arrive around teatime last night, but he caught an earlier ferry and also caught us unawares, so we were “surprised by stealth” at about 4pm…!
Emotions were high, he’s recently come back from a tour in the worst place in the world. We hugged and hugged with a “group hug” too, it was like some kind of dream. So we sat down, caught up (my there was a lot to catch up on). Then we opened the champers, got through two bottles, had some tea, and went out to the pub quiz.
There were seven of us altogether and still no Einstein inspired moments but who cares. I don’t know how Liam wasn’t falling asleep after driving all that way in one day. Blimey I’d have been knackered, even as a passenger.  
He brought this photo for us of his baby Ryan, aw how cute!. We haven’t seen him for real yet because Liam’s is based, and lives, in Germany…
Ryan 12 
And here they are together, Soldier and Son…

Yesterday was a day we’ll never ever forget, our son survived the hell of war…

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