Monday, 22 November 2010

Count Down

We’ve been counting down the days recently because our son the soldier (and recent new dad) is coming HERE tomorrow.
He’s driving from Germany on his own to stay with us at the boat for a week so he can see family and friends in good ol’ Blighty. His crossing to Dover is at 12 noon. But he’s still got another 400 miles or so after that, so we’ve no idea what time he’ll land at the boat. But it doesn’t matter, {HUGS GALORE} can’t wait to see him.
So we’ve spent today running round (like you do) and getting stocked up on all his favourite British grub. No doubt my mum’s got one of her chicken pies waiting in the wings too, (excuse pun). Oh and we got some champagne in too. Glug…
Now for a countdown of a different kind: We got our first Christmas card today, it’s from Tony the Mop, a bit previous, but then he has a habit of never being on time…
Dave asked him if he thought it was December already? Had he lost the plot? Was he wanting to get it over with in advance?
But apparently not,, he reckons he’s still in the same time zone as the rest of us. Just wanted to show us how overly-organised he is.
Well thank you Mop it worked, I haven’t even bought any yet. I’ll never learn – all the good ones have usually flown off the shelves by the time I get round to that particular chore…
So here it is, the earliest Christmas card ever, aw…
It says inside that he “made it while he was still at school,” (no comment), been saving it all these years. Well it’s the thought that counts.
Just out of interest has anyone else ever had a Christmas card in November…?

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