Sunday, 7 November 2010

Digging about in shiny photos

Well I fully intended doing a Wii workout today but didn’t (slap hand) because I couldn’t resist the “scan” button on my new printer-come-coffee maker instead.
So I delved into the storage box under the bed and set about sorting through some 3000+ shiny photos covering about 30 years… It’s something I’ve been meaning to do since we got the boat, it’s taken me all day to arrange some kind of filing system from before the digital era. ”Takes thee back” as they say round these here parts. Plus I found loads of photos I never knew we had.
Not to worry there’s no way I’m going to start scanning them all onto my laptop – blimey that’d be a full time job for the next 10 years at least…
So I thought I’d make it easy and just scan in a few photos on the odd occasion when deemed necessary, starting with:
Our faithful Labrador, I can remember being introduced to what looked like a bundle of fluff when I was in my late teens. Then when we got married, and the patter of tiny (human) feet came along he spent as much time at our house as he did at my mum and dads.
He died aged 13 and lived a full and happy life, even if he did have to put up with kids as babes using him as “something to hang on to when learning to walk.” He certainly took some stick and loved every minute.
Tell you what, he didn’t half have a great sense of humour…
Totally bemused, he loved watching the kids play Scalextric, you could see him slowly going dizzy as he focused on one car. And he wouldn’t set a paw near the track, no way…

Just a cool dude who loved to pose for the cam…

Later on in the day he’d always try and sneak upstairs when no-one was looking to fall asleep on Liam’s bed. He rarely succeeded because when it came to subterfuge he wasn’t very good at it.
Check out that guilty look because he made it there, adorned with fluffy creatures from a passing little imp, (our daughter) who thought it was most amusing. Thereby giving licence for him to break the rules again in future…

And here’s the other little imp, the one who was supposed to sleep there, how’s that for well and truly knackered…?

Oh dear if either of “the kids” (still are to us) see these photos I’m well and truly toasted…

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