Saturday, 11 December 2010

Fire, Fire burning bright, even in the depths of night?

I was so worried last night about the MASSIVE verdict today, we were back to make or break time number two.
Perhaps it’s because I’m still stuck in the hotel gallows and couldn’t be there at the boat when Mr Stove turned up. I even dreamt I had a txt from Dave saying it was a “no go” thing because the walls weren’t straight.
Anyway, Dave came to visit me at the hotel gallows this aft, to let me know Mr Stove had been there an hour or so discussing the whole thing. Turns out it’s not a problem and taking all safety considerations into account, where we want to put it will be ok! In fact it’s turned out to be the best place when it comes to maximising heat throughout the boat.
So after measuring up in detail, the floor is now taped off ready for where the hearth is going to be, and there´s more – Mr Stove has already made sure that his supplier has all the parts. And he’s going to do the hearth for us as well.
It’ll take two of them a couple of days or three to do the whole job NEXT WEEKEND, yes, just 7 days away! And there I was talking about it being July, I mean Is this amazing (for us) or what? (Don’t get carried away – she’s still sceptical).

Even with all this complex tech stuff to mull over, when Dave arrived here with his visiting order. We spent a whole hour discussing the real big issue of what colour tiles to have round the hearth. Not quite the main priority but never mind…

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