Thursday, 23 December 2010

The BIG Squirrel

Is literally what’s saved us from selling the boat, we fed him some nuts overnight, and he kept the boat warm, warm, warm, warm, ALL night…
Spot the eco fan kindly donated by Mark the Spark…
Branded on both sides – good enough for a Christmas card…
The Chimney…
For the safety conscious, those lights are further away than they look in these photos. (We were even given another BIGGER chimney as a “freebie” to experiment with). Thing is, it won’t fit round the collar, but never mind it’s the thought that counts…

So we’d like to say a BIG “Thank you” to both Mr Stoves… 
Two guys who worked their asses off in such adverse weather conditions. As much as we wanted it to be, this was no “rush job.”
They took their time to attain a very high standard of workmanship both in terms of how it looks, and the all important safety aspects.
Even they were taking photos of the finished product because after fitting out new boats for a living. This is the first stove they’ve installed “retro style” on a boat that’s already fitted out.
Well we have to be different don’t we…?

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