Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Who needs a freezer?

Never mind “Frozen Britain” and all the gloom ridden reports, let’s look on the white bright side.
One of the few advantages of deep snow in the week previous to Christmas is the extra freezer space we all acquire, at no extra cost or carbon emissions. What with double the amount of food shopping, plus a BIG fat turkey to make room for. Simply pop outside, bury your Turkey and trimmings amidst the bright white stuff, and bob’s yer uncle.
But that’s provided you can get to the shops in the first place, or there’s anything left on the shelves when you get there of course…
So in summery summary it’s such good timing this year and as a bonus even helps out with climate change. Or in this case, we’re helping ourselves to climate change…
Cheers to “Frozen Britain,” here´s some prime examples of good places to bury your goods…
Even a graveyard if you’re desperate…?
Freezing fog setting in earlier. About half an hour after I took this photo. We couldn’t even see the front of the boat from the lux con at the back…
Ice on the windows inside this morning for the second day EVER since we bought the boat, where’s that Squirrel…?
Besides the freezing fog there’s been every kind of severe weather you can think of here today – including a foot of snow, and:
  • Black ice.
  • Even worse, a snow and black ice sandwich.
  • Snow that’s turned to solid ice – in mountains.
  • A temperature of minus 17 degrees for two nights running – a record for the north west.
I was going to say there’s been no action as far as the stove is concerned when I started writing this post. But there is, it took both Mr Stove’s three hours to get here today – what would normally have been a 20 minute journey.
Yet they made it and finished off the job properly, that’s all that counts…!!! It’s still a learning curve for us, so photos tomorrow of the glowing product.
End result, we’re on fire NOW…!
This is such a big deal – turns out a little Squirrel was make or break for us with life afloat. It’s definitely a “make” success…!
{Rips jumper off}

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