Monday, 28 February 2011

Orange Trees

No, not real orange trees like they have in Florida, this is the Brit version. They may be devoid of fruit and Vitamin C. But they do look pretty considering I took these yesterday, and it´s February…

It is of course an optical illusion, with the sun going down it bounced off the dusky brown branches and turned them up a shade or two.
So just to tie the tree theme together, we´ve decided the “Digital TV Antenna” we have on the roof must have a sensor. It deploys automated garden shears for when you’re going through overhanging branches out on the canal. Apparently it’s modelled on the “Edward Scissor Hands” prototype and comes in several different versions.
These culprits best be prepared to be zapped and bazzed aside when they see us coming, rather than the other way round…
Sollom Fav Spot (373)
Sollom Fav Spot (372)

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