Sunday, 13 February 2011

Sailing on Friday, late update

Yep, we’ve been moored up out on the canal for over two days now, and I still haven’t blogged about our little voyage here on Friday. Or the changes we’ve noticed along the way since last year…
First of all, a bit of good news, last September I posted several photos highlighting the dangers to boaters posed by the overhanging trees at the back of Rufford Old Hall. I also included in that post the contents of an email complaint I sent to our local BW office. Re: The pathetic reply I received, or should I perhaps call it an excuse for work not being carried out?
Well wasn’t this a nice surprise when we set off…!
Compared to this in September, so somebody’s been busy over winter…
You could say that because there’s no leaves on the trees it’s creating a false impression. But no, it’s real, they’ve been chopped back on both the opposite side and the towpath side…
And the towpath side itself…
We’ve no idea who did this work, but we really don’t care. Maybe the wood cutters at Rufford Old Hall did their side and BW (or whatever it’s called) did the towpath, (like I suggested).
Either way, it’s made one heck of a difference. I suspect that the trees will still join together at the top and form an arch in summer. But that’s not a problem. In fact it looks beautiful, and hopefully there won’t be enough light for the lower branches to grow back in a hurry.
I’m not nit-picking here but this eagle eyed reporter noticed they’d missed this potential hazard, a dead tree by the towpath…
We had a passenger with us on the way here, our friend Mark wanted to check out how a bow thruster works..!

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