Wednesday, 9 February 2011

We´re going out, I said we´re going out

Well that’s the PLAN, no tittering with ref to that word and ourselves please.
Yes us two “fair weather boaters” are setting sail in unfair weather. But we don’t care, don the thermals n’ all that, and off we go. For the first time since last October TT’s going to move to somewhere other than the dumpout station and back.
If I remember rightly there’s this thing called an engine at the back of the boat which starts up. There’s a joystick which means you can do forward or reverse, and there’s something called a tiller which means you can do left and right.
The joystick with the bright red knob on the end, also allows you to go at different speeds ranging from slow to slower. Then there’s two other pretty buttons which move the bow left or right depending on which one you press,, there you have it: A dancing boat…
According to the weather forecast that dictates, we’re going Friday and coming back Saturday, ok so it’s just an overnight stop, but who cares, it’s February after all.
Tuesday the 5th October last year was the last time this boat nudged it’s nose out of the marina. We took some friends out for the day, it was dam cold then too.
If I remember rightly there was a photo of one of these in there somewhere…
Farmer Giles’s golden balls, well worth not having another look at…

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